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What is IT Abuse?

As used in reference to computer, network, and Internet security, the term "abuse" (also known as it-abuse or information abuse) describes willful or negligent unauthorized activity that affects the availability, confidentiality, or integrity of computer resources and/or email or other electronic accounts. In this context, "abuse" can take many forms and may involve any one of a variety of technology resources. This web site describes how you can report incidents of apparent abuse. It also provides a few answers to questions about these situations, and describes ways you can protect yourself from abuse.

Responsible Computing and Information Technology Policies

Everyone within the University of Virginia community has the responsibility to use University computing and communications technology resources only for legal and ethical activities. Members of this community must always keep in mind that the intended use of these resources is to support the University's general mission of instruction, research, and service.

The Information Security Office staffs the IT Abuse team and has created the documents listed below to help members of the University community understand the University's expectations.

IT Abuse Team

The University has a team which responds to reports of IT Abuse. This group investigates the problems reported and takes appropriate action to protect the members of the community and University resources. These actions can include blocking a computer or other device from accessing UVa's network.

Every member of the IT Abuse Team recognizes the often sensitive nature of both reports received and what is found during the course of an investigation. All members of the team hold both reports and findings confidential, consistent with both the letter and the spirit of the procedures described on these pages and the rules of the disciplinary bodies involved.

Since information technology is an integral part of our lives, IT Abuse problems are prevalent. Being a responsible user of these resources helps prevent these kinds of problems and minimizes the possibility that you'll be the victim of such abuse.

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