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University Data Protection

The University has developed Data Protection Standards as part of its Administrative Data Access policy. A downloadable copy of the current version of the standards (Adobe PDF format) is linked below.

These standards outline requirements for handling and protecting all the University's institutional data, whether it be highly sensitive, moderately sensitive or not sensitive. Moreover, following these standards is critical to compliance with the University's Protection and Use of Social Security Numbers and Electronic Storage of Highly Sensitive Data policies.

Because security requirements must be changed and strengthened over time as threats and technologies change, these standards will be regularly updated, with the current date and changes from the previous document indicated.

University Data Protection Standards 1.1 (PDF) (August 4, 2009) >>

University Data Protection Standards 2.0 (PDF) (Released for comment December 20, 2013) >>

If you have questions or concerns, please contact  the Information Security, Policy, and Records Office.

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