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UVa Default Configuration for Version 5.x or Higher

UVa Default Configuration for Version 5.x or Higher

For the UVa computing environment, Identity Finder has been configured to search for sensitive data as comprehensively as possible while limiting the number of false positives. The table below describes the UVa configuration settings.

Of particular note, files with one (1) unformatted SSN are excluded from the search as are files bigger than 100 megabytes. Also, in contrast to the previous version, email including MBOX is searched. This configuration of Identity Finder can shred files with the read-only flag set.

If you have any questions about these settings, please contact the Information Technology Security group.

Setting Effect
AllowInvalidFileSystems Enables the searching of files systems that are not fully supported by Windows
AllowPromptForCredentialDuringSearch Asks for credentials for network resource at the start of search
AllowTrailingPunctuation Allows the next character after a potential social security number match to be a punctuation character (period, question mark, or semi-colon)
Requires prompt for the user's Profile Password
AutomaticallyDownloadandInstallUpdates Disables automatic updates
CustomFolderExcludeList Excludes the following folders: c:\windows - c:\i386 - c:\SAV - c:\office11 - c:\office12 - c:\dell - c:\cygwin - c:\Program Files\Adobe
CustomFolderIncludeList Includes C:\
CustomKeywords Uses student, studentid, and student_id as additional keywords to locate SSN
CustomNegativeKeywords Uses dell, esmtp, and smtp as negative keywords to reduce false positives
disableFeature_SaveInClearText Disables the ability to save results in any format other than secure IDF format, i.e, no clear text saving
EnableAnyFindForPassword Disables the search for passwords
EnableCheckForUpdates Disables check for program updates
EnableDatabases Enables searching of databases
EnableSearchByExtension Enables searching of mbox mail
EnableWebsites Enables the searching of websites
FileAssociation_idf Allows opening of IDF files in Windows Explorer by doubleclicking
FileAssociation_idfvaul Allows opening of IDF vault files in Windows Explorer by doubleclicking
FileLocations Specifies a custom list of folders to be searched
FileTypeSearchOption Searches all file types regardless of extension
FollowJunctions Enables the following of junction points
IncludeThunderbirdInEmailSearch Searches Thunderbird email
IncludeWinmailInEmailSearch Searches Outlook Express or Windows Mail
MaxFileSize Sets the maximum file size to be searched at 100 MB
MinimumRequired Sets the minimum number of unformatted SSNs at 2. Files with fewer than 2 will not be reported in most cases.
NonmatchingCellsLimit Sets no limit on searching databases based on the specified identity type
PasswordStrength Requires strong passwords
SearchDetachedPST Enables the searching of PST files that are not attached to an existing profile
SearchRemoteMailFolders Enables the searching of remote email folders
ShowCustomerExperiencePage Disables the customer experience feedback window
ShowHelpMenu Shows the Help Menu in the context menu
ShowRegistrationPage Disables the registration window
ShowSearchMenu Shows the Search Menu in the context menu
ShowSecureMenu Shows the Secure Menu in the context menu
ShowShredMenu Shows the Shred Menu in the context menu
ShredAllTempFilesCreatedDuringSearch Shreds all temporary files created during search
ShredReadOnlyFiles Enables the shredding of read-only files
SkipPrompt Disables prompt to participate in customer experience
UseCustomKeywords Enables the use of additional custom keywords for unformatted SSN
UseNegativeKeywords Enables the use of additional custom negative keywords for unformatted SSN
UseStartupWizard Disables the startup window


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