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2018 UVA Shield Conference

October 9, 2018 / 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. / DoubleTree Hotel Charlottesville

The UVA Shield 2018 Conference was a blast!  Thank you to all who attended! Some of our speakers have provided copies of their presentations.  You can find them by clicking on the presentation titles in the below list.

REMEMBER: We want your feedback! If you have any questions, email us at [email protected]

Session Number Presentation Description Presenter
1 Security Hygiene for the Home We want your data to be safe at work AND at home! Come learn the secrets of how an Information Security professional takes care of business on his personal devices and network. Marty Peterman
1 SecureUVA SecureUVA is coming to a close this December. Reflect with us on what has changed, what we are doing now, and what will follow this multi-year project. Michael Grinnell
1 Clery Act Let's explore the University's Clery compliance universe. This galaxy revolves around the Clery Act, while the Department of Education (and its recent trends in enforcement) influences the waxing and waning of requirements. Each of the many Campus Security Authorities (CSA) has a spot in the system - some are near and bright, and some hover in the far outskirts. A number of University departments orbit around CSA's and provide a landing surface for the Clery Compliance team. Clery Compliance jets between it all, taking measures like tracking, training, and timely warnings to enrich the University's safety and security environment. Meghan Rapp
1 The Next Decade: Tell Records Management Where to Go! As the Records Management Office enters its 10th year of operation, we are looking back on where we've been while focusing on the future. We need your help! This session will review findings from the 2017-2018 Records Management survey, including the projects and directions we have proposed for the next decade. More importantly, this will be an opportunity for you to tell us what you need and want to see from Records Management going forward. Caroline Walters, Jessie Graham, Jessica Burgess
1 SOM Improvements

The School of Medicine (SOM) has taken a number of steps over the past year to improve its security posture, from technical controls to policy and procedures. This presentation will focus on some of these measures, including but not limited to:

  • CIS standards to make workstations more secure, and CIS benchmarking tool
  • Local Group Policy and Domain policy on SOM eservices
  • KACE patch management
  • BitLocker Key Escrow
  • Unique Admin Passwords
  • Wipe the Drive procedure

Dave Gellner

Phil Shen

2 Identity and Access Management at UVA Come hear more about the current Identity & Access Management program! Mark Cox
2 Cylance

Come and learn all the latest about Cylance - endpoint security that uses artificial intelligence (AI) methods to effectively protect organizations without massive overheads, either for network traffic or human resources.

Cylance and Todd Guidry
2 Email Management in Office 365 If you're struggling with email management, we have good news! Office 365 offers new and easy ways to apply retention to your email. This session will review how to assign policies, what the policies actually mean, and explain the resources on the Records Management website that will help you manage the email avalanche and remain compliant with University policy and the Virginia Public Records Act. Caroline Walters
2 What's Real/Not Real Tony will give you the "straight dope" on measures you can easily take to protect your private data. He'll also highlight things that are "Security Theater" - mere window dressings that have no real effect. Tony Townsend
2 FOIA: Be Accountable The world is watching us. As employees of the University of Virginia, that is the mentality that we must have. The Freedom of Information Act, a state law, grants media and Virginia residents access to public records that are prepared or owned by, or in the possession of, a public body or its officers, employees, or agents in the transaction of business. Nick Mathews, the University's FOIA Officer, offers a FOIA 101 class to explain how this law impacts you in your day-to-day work. The presentation will include the basics of FOIA, the process, and important tips for you. Nick Mathews
3 Tips and Tricks in Office 365 "Office 365 can do what?!" Come learn all of the nifty secrets of O365, straight from the people who manage it. Keith Donnelly
3 Sustainable IT UVA is going green! Listen to all of the great work that's being done by Facilities Management to recycle technology, and learn how you can get involved. Julia Conte, Chris Smeds
3 Ask an Engineer InfoSec has thrown a lot of new resources your way. Come and ask the experts how to use the new tools you have available to you. Jeff Collyer, Joe Agler
3 Medical Center Records - More Than Just Patient Records! Contrary to common belief, patient records aren't the only records the UVA Medical Center creates. The idea that all records are retained for seven years is another common misconception. There are specific retention requirements for all of the various record types (not just patient records!) generated by the Medical Center. This presentation will explore what records are found in the Medical Center environment and discuss how to properly maintain, retain, and ultimately dispose of them. Ben Smith
3 PCI Compliance Made Sensible The ability to conduct credit card transactions has become a necessity for increased customer service, particularly with the increase in e-commerce. The University recognizes that use of credit cards may stimulate sales in certain types of transactions and may increase collections efficiency. The need to protect our customers' credit card data is essential. Ruth Parcells
1,2, or 3 UVA Shield Conference Escape Room: Test Your Knowledge & Help UVA InfoSec Defeat Cyber Criminals! Hackers are targeting UVA, and it’s up to your team to stop them before it’s too late! You’ll find yourself locked in the hackers’ hideout with two USB keys – one that reveals a code to let you escape with the data secured, and one that gives the hackers access to cyber security secrets, and alerts them that you’re inside. Use your knowledge of Information Security to crack the clues throughout the room, correctly identify the keys, find the hacker’s personal information and escape the room! Kelly Downey
Closing Panel Emergency Response Want to know how the University is equipped to handle emergencies? Hear from the key decision makers about what they do to keep you safe when disaster strikes. Gloria Graham (moderator), Ben Rexrode, Tom Berry, Rebecca Mason, Marge Sidebottom







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