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2019 UVA Shield Conference

Thank you for joining us for an excellent UVA Shield 2019 conference!

We have attempted to get slideshows from our presenters and put them up on this page (downloads behind Netbadge).  When a slideshow is available, a link to download the slideshow is next to the session name in the list below.  If you are looking for a specific session's slideshow, and do not see it on this page, then please send us an email at [email protected].

*Note: A few sessions have been deliberately excluded from the below list where no slides are available for release.

Session #1

  • The Archive's Role in Preserving UVA's History (Bethany Anderson, Emily Bowden)
  • Staff Senate: Information Session (Kylie Cuthbertson)
  • All You Need to Know About DLP (Marty Peterman, Stacy Sties) - Download link
  • How to Survive an IT Audit and Use it to Your Advantage (Lynn Kelly) - Download link
  • Next Gen Web Services for UVA (Lauren Moriarty)
  • Sustainable IT (Chris Smeds) - Download link
  • Metadata in MS Office & Adobe: Searching Made Simple (Caroline Walters) - Download link

Session #2

  • Yes, Virginia, Paper Records Still Exist - What to do About Them (Jessie Graham, UVA Vendor - Filesolve) - Download link
  • Brief Overview of the Latest Office 365 Tools (Rick Reifenstein)
  • Going Paperless with Grant Post-Award (Rachel Sligar, Carey Reinicke) - Download link
  • All You Need to Know About Vulnerability Management (Christy Joseph) - Download link
  • Digital Accessibility Project: Update (Lori Kressin, Corey Krall)
  • The Spyware Nightmare (Regina Verde, Erin Trost) - Download link

Session #3

  • Starting in Azure with ITS (Matt Marine) - Download link #1, Download link #2
  • Security Tools of the Future (Tony Townsend) - Download link
  • Ongoing Security Collaboration and Planning (InfoSec Directors and Managers)
  • Introduction to Youth Protection at UVA (Gabriel Gates)
  • Managing Your Email and Documents in Office 365 (Caroline Walters) - Download link

Session #4

  • If You See Something, Say Something: UVA Helpline (Gary Nimax, Regina Verde, Steve Sherman) - Download link
  • Qualtrics Overview & Tips (Bobbi Collyer) - Download link
  • Managing IT Risk Across UVA (Erin Trost, Jeff Higgs, Ian Mack, Cory Brant) - Download link
  • ITS Project Portfolio (ITS Project Managers) - Download link
  • Sustaining Excellence - Ways to Go Green at UVA (Dana Schroeder) - Download link
  • Audio Video Standards at UVA: ZoomRoom Standards (Jeremy Parker)

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