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2019 UVA Shield Conference

Details and Registration

It is time to save the date!  UVA Shield 2019 is coming this Fall on October 2nd at the DoubleTree.
Be sure to visit this page again in late July when we post the official program for the conference, and again in August when we launch registration.

The Purpose of UVA Shield

UVA Shield is all about the many ways the Compliance, Records Management, and Information Security teams work with you to support and protect UVA on both the Health System and on the Academic side.
In addition, UVA Shield is introducing a new facet to the content you have come to expect. The Local Support Partner (LSP) Program and the UVA Shield conference committee are integrating the Fall LSP Conference content into the UVA Shield Conference to include a more robust and comprehensive agenda focused on the needs and interests of UVA IT professionals.

Other new and exciting features to our conference this year include:

  • Breakfast
  • Rapid-fire sessions which enable greater diversity in content
  • Climate controls so no one freezes (or melts)

Suggestions, Presentations, and Nominations


Interested in participating at UVA Shield 2019?  Send an email to to hear how you can get involved.

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