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2022 National Backup Day

National Backup Day is March 31, an annual reminder of the importance of backups for cybersecurity and best practice. 
Every day should be a backup day.  Here a few tips about backups.

  1. Follow the 3/2/1 backup rule: three copies of your data stored on two different media types and one remote copy.
  2. Ensure backup data are encrypted and cannot be altered. This step is more critical today as ransomware increasingly targets both live and backup data.
  3. Create a backup communication plan  and make sure key stakeholders are aware of the procedures, their responsibilities, and the timelines. Don't forget to test your recovery plan frequently.

Backups can be a good way to recover from ransomware.  Don't let a ransomware attack succeed just because you failed to have a backup strategy that you followed.

Backups should leverage both disk and cloud.  ITS can provide backup services that are designed to provide recoverability for loss of data stored within the ITS server environment.  ITS also offers CrashPlan, a cloud-enhanced desktop backup service, that is available for purchase through ITS.  CrashPlan is not for use with highly sensitive data (HSD) or other restricted data types.  For backing up individual files, we recommend using OneDrive.  You can also use Box, which is provide by ITS as well. 

Pretend that every day is March 31 and backup. That way when the next day comes, you won't be an April Fool.


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