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Annual HSVPN Training: Don't Let Your Access Expire

At the University of Virginia, we take cybersecurity seriously, and our annual security training campaign is a crucial component of our commitment to maintaining a secure computing environment. In this article, we provide you with essential details about our upcoming High Security Awareness Training.

High Security Awareness Training (HSAT)

For our High Security Virtual Private Network (HSVPN) users, we want to draw your attention to an important date – September 20, 2023.
On this day, users with HSVPN access will receive an email invitation to complete the 2023/2024 High Security Awareness Training from our trusted source, [email protected].  Please note that the training year for all information security training is from July 1 to June 30th of each year.  Training for all HSVPN users expired on June 30, 2023.  If you have completed HSAT training after July 1, 2023, you won't receive a notification.
After completion of the 2023/24 High Security Awareness Training course, your training status is valid until June 30, 2024.

Maintaining Your HSVPN Access

If you wish to continue accessing the HSVPN, it is imperative that you complete the HSAT course by October 20, 2023. No other training can substitute for this course.


The Countdown Begins

After receiving the email, you will have 30 days to complete this training. Training is due October 20, 2023. 


Frequent Reminders

To help you stay on track, we will send you a reminder every 7 days for the next 30 days until you complete the course. These reminders are designed to ensure that you have every opportunity to successfully complete the High Security Awareness Training.
If you continue to receive the reminders but believe you have already finished the course, please visit the Litmos platform and review the Achievements section of the menu for the 2023/24 High Security Awareness Training (HSAT) course. If your completion is not reflected in this area, please open the course and complete any modules showing as incomplete to ensure your training is recorded properly.

No longer use this access?

We understand that circumstances change, and your access needs may evolve. If you no longer wish to maintain your HSVPN access, please feel free to respond to the email notification requesting your training be removed.  This will stop any reminders scheduled to be sent during the 30 day period.

Unsure if you still need this access?

If you find yourself unsure about whether you need HSVPN access or not, we encourage you to visit our dedicated VPN information page at for additional insights and guidance. Alternatively, you may also reach out to your Local Service Provider (LSP) who can provide personalized assistance and help clarify any questions you may have regarding your access.


We greatly appreciate your prompt attention to the information provided in the upcoming emails regarding the High Security Awareness Training. Your commitment to cybersecurity is crucial in maintaining the safety of the data at the University of Virginia.  Together, we can continue to create a secure digital environment for all members of our community.
Thank you for your dedication to security and for being an essential part of our ongoing efforts to protect the University's valuable resources.  If you have additional questions, please contact us at [email protected]

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