Cyber Security Awareness Month Online Events

National Cybersecurity Awareness month is officially kicking off and our first week of events will start us off right. UVA’s Information Security Office is excited to present what we have in store to celebrate Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Starting October 12th are high-quality, immersive experiences to encourage habit-changing security awareness to keep our organization safe and secure. Living Security has helped us optimize security training and we think you’re going to like what you see; get ready to learn best practices and threats to look out for. At no cost to you, you get two weeks of informative modules that pertain to not only Cybersecurity at work, but for you and your family as well. Get ready to be fully immersed in the world of cybersecurity.

How to Register for Online Events

First, use Netbadge & Duo to enter On the "Dashboard" landing page, you will see multiple "cards". Clicking the blue Launch button on a given card will pop up a mini-window that provides instructions about what to do for that activity, including a link to participate in the activity you clicked on. (You can close this mini-window by clicking on the X in the upper right corner of the information mini-window.)

When you've completed the activity, return to the Dashboard, click on Launch button again for the card you used to access the activity initially, and answer the question there in order to add points to your Leaderboard position. For some cards, you need to sign up for the activity in advance to participate, such as "CyberEscape Online" card. For these cards, when you click Launch, it opens up a window to guide you to register for one of our several virtual escape room (VER) sessions.    

The top card is the the "True Eye" series that  you can launch and view at any time.

To reach the top spot on the leaderboard, move through the modules by answering questions and earning points .  You’ll receive bonus codes for activities outside the module which will help you climb the leaderboard even faster.   Click here to go to the UVA Living Security site ( to start watching and participating in the UVA cybersecurity awareness month events. 

Do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] with questions or comments.

NCSAM Events

Here's a look at the information security concepts we’ll highlight and the online events planned for the next three weeks:

October 12th: Binge watch the True Eye Series

Don’t miss Hollywood-style, high quality content by watching the True Eye video seriesGrab your popcorn and watch Adrian, a new hire at a top AI firm, track an AI gone rogue, and hopefully save a kidnapped co-worker! You can watch the trailer at this link or click here to go to the UVA Living Security site to watch the series.  Episodes are only a few minutes long so you can watch them as you have time.

October 12th: Policy and Passwords

Passwords may seem like common sense, but there are new threats every day. Ensure your password hygiene is squeaky clean. Click here to see this on the UVA Living Security website

October 14th: Practicing Cyber Hygiene Webinar

Living Security’s, Graham Westbrook, Director of Intelligence & Content covers how COVID-19 impacts society and the cyber aspect of the pandemic. Listen in to see how he finds these new and emerging threats and turns that into really powerful and relevant training content for real-world application.  Click here to see this on the UVA Living Security website

October 15th: Phishing

It just takes one click -- one click -- and you can put yourself and everyone around you at risk. Stay sharp and vigilant, remember to always report it if something seems...phishy.  But you can trust when we say click here to see this on the UVA Living Security website

October 19th: Threats/Vulnerabilities

Ransomware to cloud security threats to Synthetic Identity Theft threats are all around us.  Knowing what different kinds exist will help you recognize and avoid the threat no matter what form it comes in. Click here to see this on the UVA Living Security website

October 21st at 1pm: Living Security Family First Webinar

Join us for this powerful and informative webinar to learn more about:

  • Why your kids should only connect with and interact with people they’ve met and trust personally
  • Why they should never meet up in person with someone that they have only met through social media
  • Why it is critical to keep even innocent information private, someone finding out what school you attend can easily identify your address
  • The dangers of posting inappropriate photos or sharing anyone else’s.

October 22nd: Securing Your Home

Technology is ever-changing, do you know how to keep you and your family safe with all these new, connected devices?  Click here to see this on the UVA Living Security website

October 15th, 16th,  20th, and 22nd: CyberEscape Online

Like a challenge? Save your spot to compete with a team in a virtual CYBERESCAPE room that will show-off your Cybersecurity skills ad challenge your problem-solving abilities. Figure out what happened at Gizmo! In an entirely virtual Escape Room, we will guide your team to uncover clues to identify and locate the insider threat.
Go to to access UVA's CyberSecurity Awareness site and to sign up with your UVA colleagues for one of the UVA hosted Cybersecurity Virtual Escape Room sessions.