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Ensure youth stay safe online by actively promoting Internet safety.

The Internet enables users access to nearly unlimited information and is undoubtedly one of the most important technological innovations in the last hundred years. Though the Internet provides many advantages, use of the web also presents significant risks to users. As information generally becomes more readily accessible, it’s difficult for even experienced users to protect and secure important private data. Young internet users who haven’t yet developed the skills and instincts necessary for staying safe online are especially vulnerable.

This February 11, the world will recognize Safer Internet Day, which aims to promote a responsible, respectful, critical and creative use of digital technologies, especially among children and young people, and to call on all stakeholders to play their part in creating a better Internet.

Parents have a special responsibility to teach their children about the potential dangers of interacting online. Unfortunately, “don’t talk to strangers” doesn’t cut it anymore; social media is especially dangerous because children often have difficulty discerning what is appropriate to share on the Internet and what isn’t.

By clicking on this link, you can access a long list of resources that are helpful for parents aiming to teach children and young adults about staying safe while using the Internet. You can filter the results by language and age range to find resources that help you as a parent instruct your child, or that do the teaching for you and are designed for youth of various age ranges.

While it’s important to teach children to stay safe online, adults must also play their part. Encourage colleagues to work with their kids, and actively discourage potentially unsafe behavior. Be sure to reward safe behavior too! With everyone’s help, we can ensure that today’s youth can safely navigate the Internet.

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