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Substantive Change: UDPS updated for required annual HSVPN user InfoSec training

Wednesday, September 9, 2020 - 17:00

Several changes were made to the University Data Protection Standard 3.0.

Substantive changes

 - Changed language about annual information security awareness training requirement to align with the revisions in IRM-002 Acceptable Use of the University’s Information Technology Resources
    at Security Virtual Private Network (HSVPN) users are required to complete annually University provided information security awareness training.  All other users of UVA IT resource should complete annually University provided information security awareness training

 - Removed references to Joint VPN, updated to High Security Virtual Private Network (HSVPN) and added  the link to ITS HSVPN webpage.

 - Added Revision History line near the top of the UDPS

Non-Substantive changes:

 - Corrected several broken links.

 - Previously had changed all references to "moderately senstive data" to just "sensitive data". The definition of these data stays the same, just the adverb "moderately" is dropped. See the Policy Alert: Moderately Sensitive Data is now called Sensitive Data for details.

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