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Job Opportunity Below

Thursday, August 23, 2018 - 10:16

Job Opportunity Below

Hi There,

See below flexible job opportunity as a survey assistant which should be of great benefit to you and could be part of with a good pay as well.

Thank you,
Director, Financial Aid.

What does a Survey Assistant do?

Survey Assistant visit specific stores like like Walmart, Argos, Western Union, restaurants, shopping store etc,And businesses anonymously for the purpose of observing and reporting on the quality of customer service delivered. The answers submitted by our Survey Assistant enable clients to make employment decisions, reward staff for excellent performance, redirect staff who perform poorly and evaluate adherence to company service standards.The Survey Assistant process begins with on-line training, depending on the job assignment. After completing initial education our assistant's are able to select assignments, complete jobs by visiting a site or performing a telephone evaluation and finally entering job data into the online database.

Why should I become a Survey Assistant?
Being a Survey Assistant is well suited to anyone who would benefit from:
    * Receiving free products and/or services (on certain assignments).
    * Highly flexible hours.
    * Contributing to a higher level of customer service.
    * Having a diverse number of shopping experiences.
    * You'll be able to participate in educational sessions via online training; you do not pay for this.

How much does a Survey Assistant get paid ?
Survey Assistant are independent contractors who receive rewards in the form of gift vouchers, or bank deposits. In addition, on many assignments, free goods and/or services are also available. The amount you will get paid varies by the type of assignment you complete. Payments generally range between $300 to $500 per assignment.

Do Survey Assistant work part-time or full-time ?
Survey Assistant should be considered part-time or casual work.

Do I need previous experience as a Survey Assistant?
NO, previous experience is not necessary. Survey Assistant are recruited based on the information provided in their online application form, their aptitude and ability to meet assignment requirements.

Remember, NO APPLICATION FEES,It DOES NOT cost you anything to get started.Send a reply to henrymiller963[at]<mailto:henrymiller963[at]>  with your information.

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