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Monday, October 15, 2018 - 07:21


I infected your computer with a trojan and now have your private info out of your operating system.

It previously was installed on an adult web page after which you\'ve selected the video clip, it, my software instantly got into your computer.

Then, your camera started to record you soloing, on top of that i caught a vid that you have seen.

Just after a little while it also picked up all your social contact info. If you ever wish us to wipe out all your details that we have got, give us 1,000 Euro in bitcoin it’s a crypto. Here is my BTC account transfer address - 1N2d5zS5agYyq4dWhAPpBmXKamPuC55D7z

Now you will have 21hrs to make a payment. The moment we receive the transaction i\'m going wipe out this movie and everything completely. Or else, please be sure that the evidence will be sent to all of your contacts.

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