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Wednesday, June 19, 2019 - 16:00

From: mark hunk <markhunk3232[at]>
Date: Tue, Jun 18, 2019 at 4:44 PM
To: mst3kat] <mst3k[at]>


Hello ,


I have received your information and after a little consideration i have offered you an opportunity to work with me and i hope to have 100% of your loyalty and co-operation. Test of your loyalty, honesty and sincerity will be carried out from time to time.  Your quick response to mails and effectiveness in discharge of your duties will be required and I urge you to be as focus as you can and always work according to instructions. 

I would like you to start immediately if you accept this offer. I have a load of pending workload i would like us to get on with.

Every month, UNICEF and various foundation engage in a Corporate Social Responsibility by catering for needs of foster homes across the States. There are list of items to be gotten this month and my team will be responsible for purchasing of the item and delivering it. The good news is you are part of the team.


You will be responsible for the purchase of some items, electronic and sundry materials which you would shop for and ship to foster homes across the state to put a smile on their faces. 


Please note that a Check will be sent to you which will be used to funds the purchase of items for the foster homes and your first week payment. Once you have received funds, i will email you a list containing the mailing addresses of the foster homes where the gifts will be sent.


I will get back to you with more information including the tracking number of the check payment once  i receive it from my Financial Manager because you are expected to receive it through the Mail. .


Please Re-confirm the Name and Address in the offer letter to avoid any loss or misplacement of check payment.


Name: User, Typical

Address: 12 So. North St., Katonoon, NC 99999

Phone: 111-555-1212


Sent from Dr. Mark H.

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