Accounts Provisioning and Deprovisioning Guidance

Guidance for Provisioning

Users should refer to ITS Accounts Provisioning and Deprovisioning Standard and the ITS Computing Accounts webpage for specific information on obtaining accounts. The account provisioning information refers to the services that are available for use only with an account holder’s individually-assigned credentials.  If provisioning a departmental or local account, please refer to the Authentication standard to ensure that account security meets the requirements.

Guidance for Deprovisioning

In general, account deprovisioning is started in Workday.  As the UVA Human Resources webpage says, cancel access to central systems and email on the employee’s last day of work. If the circumstances of the termination require that systems access including email should be removed immediately, contact [email protected] for assistance. Workday has the ability to terminate all access by categorizing the termination of an employee as ‘involuntary.'   
ITS (via [email protected]) only does emergency requests for deprovisioning if there is an imminent threat of law breaking or already evidence of law breaking.  Emergency requests are NOT performed as a way to simplify off-boarding because in reality, they complicate off-boarding.  Requesting immediate accounts termination is not a normal separation. The loss of access will include deletion of accounts and system accesses which normally persist after leaving, which may result in data loss. This change is intended to be permanent. No UVA access is ever expected to be provided to the affected person in the future.

If you think that the user's data (e.g., files, voicemail, email) will be needed after the person is off-boarded, please contact Records and Information ManagementTheir webpage on the release of electronically stored information is also recommended. 

We also recommend you review and follow ITS information about leaving UVA

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