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Accounts Provisioning and Deprovisioning Guidance

Guidance Table for Provisioning

The below table defines which University affiliates qualify for typical general computing accounts or account services and are provided to users based upon their status with the University.  Users should refer to Accounts Provisioning and Deprovisioning Standard and the ITS Computing Accounts webpage for specific information on obtaining accounts. The account provisioning presented here refers to the services that are available for use only with an account holder’s individually-assigned credentials.

Obtain or Activate Accounts

Account Expiration

Undergraduate, Graduate, Professional & Continuing Education Students

Students: Activate Your UVA Email Account

Student email is retained after graduation.

Other resources deleted when student becomes inactive at UVa.

Faculty & Staff

First-Time Account Activation for Employees

All accounts deleted when employee becomes inactive in the Human Resources (HR) system.

Retired University Faculty & Staff

Account must be renewed annually.

Adjunct Faculty

Department affiliation must be renewed each year to keep account active; non-active accounts are deleted.


School or department is required to submit a service request here.

All accounts deleted when individual is no longer affiliated with department. Department is required to submit a request for account deletion here.

Non-UVa Collaborator

Visiting Faculty

Contract Employee/


University Foundation Employees

Each department’s Human Resources representative adds/deletes individual's information


Health System-Related Affiliates or Foundation Employees

Contact Health System


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