Information Security Awareness - Students

A Handbook for Students

The University of Virginia has a highly complex and resource-rich information technology environment upon which there is increasing reliance to provide mission-critical teaching, research, public service, and healthcare functions. Users of the University's IT resources are responsible for using these resources responsibly in support of these functions, and for respecting the rights of others. The University is strongly committed to maintaining the privacy and security of confidential personal information and other data it collects. It expects all those who store such information to treat these data with the utmost care in order to protect the privacy and legal rights of the University community.

Use of these resources is governed not only by the University's own policies, Standards of Conduct and Honor System, but also by local, state, and federal laws. It is important that you read and understand the information within this handbook regarding responsible use of the information technology resources at UVA. Irresponsible behavior can jeopardize not only your access privileges, but may also lead to disciplinary and legal issues that could damage your university experience and ultimately your future.

Follow the Student IT Checklist. After you set up 2-Step Login (Duo), please take the Student CyberSecurity Awareness Training .

For information about the employee information security awareness training at UVA, please see our information security awareness training webpage

Table of Contents

  1. You, the University, and the Internet
  2. Good Citizenship in the Internet Community
  3. Threats to Your Online Safety and Security
  4. Protecting Yourself Online
  5. Email: Privacy Guidelines for Use
  6. Copyrights: Legal and Ethical Use
  7. About Web Pages and Individual Websites
  8. Abuse of Information Technology Resources
  9. Standards of Conduct and Disciplinary Action
  10. Summary