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  • An image of data and a head with neurons inside that reads "Everyone knows they have weak passwords. So why aren't they changing them?"

    Cognitive dissonance is the culprit.

    Read more to explore the phenomenon of cybersecurity cognitive dissonance, and how to overcome it. 


  • Image of complex subway map with the text "Navigating our website doesn't have to feel this complicated."

    We just upgraded our map.

    Check out our new and improved role based guidance pages. Whether you're a department head, IT resource user, researcher, or LSP, you can start at your personalized page to find your way around our website with ease. 


  • An image of the rotunda with the text "check out the highlight reel."

    View past articles that were displayed on the homepage.

    Read more to take a look back at featured pages. 


  • Image of a surgical mask with the text, "Protecting yourself from harm is especially important in a pandemic."

    That includes protection from cyber attacks.

    Unfortunately, hackers are using fear surrounding the COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) pandemic to gain access to confidential information via phishing emails. Learn how to recognize and prevent these common cyber attacks. 


  • Image of a keyboard with the text "Authentication ensures you are the person behind the keyboard"

    Traditional passwords alone don't cut it anymore.

    Learn more about types of password protection systems of the present and the future. 


  • Image of rotunda with text, "Click here to see all current cyber attacks circulating at UVA."

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