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  • Annual High Security Awareness Training: Ensure Your HSVPN Access

    Want to maintain your HSVPN access for the 2023/2024 academic year?  On Wednesday, September 20, 2023 you will receive a very important email from [email protected].


  • Duo Fatigue.  Don't be a victim.

    What is Duo Fatigue? Why is It Dangerous?

    Duo fatigue is when a threat actor runs a script that attempts to log in several times with stolen credentials.  It is important that you don't become a victim of this scam.  


  • Action Needed: New Class of Bugs Affecting Apple's iPhone and iMac OS

    Security flaws have been found that, if exploited, would allow an attacker to access people’s messages, photos, and call history.  Have you updated your device lately?


  • What Is a Cookie?

    “This site uses cookies for a better browsing experience.”

    You've seen this message a thousand times before. But what does it mean?


  • Image that says We are hiring

    Scam: Part time job offer

    How not to fall for part-time job email scams . . . 


  • man sitting on wifi bar phishing a credit card

    Phishing: Staying off the Hook

    Not all fish live in saltwater….

    So not all fishermen fish in lakes. Email is the most common way to be phished, but it’s certainly not the only way.  


  • Picture of a padlock with chains running through it and running out of the picture

    Ransomware: The What, How, & Why

    What is ransomware, and how can you protect yourself?


  • Image of an old-fashioned phone with the text "Scammers are calling, so get dialed in."

    Learn to recognize and defeat phone scams.

    With fake phone calls involving Apple and Amazon running rampant around the U.S., learn how to avoid getting scammed through the wire. 


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