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  • Older white man in black suit jacket and red tie holding lots of one hundred dollar bills in one hand and gift card in the other

    Gift Card Scams

    Don't be fooled by urgent request to help someone you think is important purchase gift cards . . . 


  • Screenshot of the malicious website "Corona-Virus-Map[dot]com pretending to be a legitimate COVID-19 tracker.

    Coronavirus-related Malware Alert

    Fake online Coronavirus Map delivers well-known malware. Be VERY suspicious and cautious with any emails about the coronavirus. 


  • Image of rotunda with text, "Click here to see all current cyber attacks circulating at UVA."
  • Image of magnifying glasses with the text, "Be a hack detective."

    Get clued in on spotting new hacking methods.

    Learn to recognize and prevent new cyber attacks. 


  • Image of tax returns with the text "No one enjoys doing taxes. But filing your return can get even worse if you don't protect your identity."

    Taxes aren't fun, and neither is identity theft.

    Learn about how you can prevent fraud as tax season approaches. 


  • Images of a child carseat, a life jacket, a "slow, children at play" sign and a bike helmet with the text "You keep your child safe in many ways. Make sure you don't forget about internet safety.

    Youth internet safety is more important than ever.

    Learn more about how you can teach your child to use safe internet practices for Safer Internet Day. 


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