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  • Spam: Bomb Threat Extortion

    Please be aware of a bomb threat extortion email that has been sent to some University email accounts.  Take a moment to review our information security alerts page where a copy of this extortion email has been posted.


  • Shop Safely Online

    "The holiday season is upon us, which means wallets are burning holes in pockets around the world faster than a Yule log.  The National Retail Federation estimates that retail sales during this festive season could launch to as high as $720.89 billion..."


  • SCAM: Gift Card Phish

    "The scam appears to come from someone in a leadership role at the University, and asks the employee for help with purchasing various gift cards (e.g., Amazon, iTunes)."


  • Security Training

    "All UVA faculty, staff, and other employees must complete the Information Technology Security Awareness tutorial (ITSA) annually, as part of the revised IRM-002 – Acceptable Use of the University’s Information Technology Resources policy..."


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