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  • A QR code linking to the QR-Hack page on the UVA Security website, with a caption: "Get a scan on what could be hiding behind a QR code."

    You can trust this QR code, but that's not always the case.

    Learn more about QR hacking and how to prevent it. 


  • Picture of anglerfish with the words, "Beware the Phish!"

    Or phishing emails, that is.

    Learn how to recognize and defeat hackers' most effective tool.  


  • An image of data and a head with neurons inside that reads "Everyone knows they have weak passwords. So why aren't they changing them?"

    Cognitive dissonance is the culprit.

    Read more to explore the phenomenon of cybersecurity cognitive dissonance, and how to overcome it. 


  • Image of a keyboard with the text "Authentication ensures you are the person behind the keyboard"

    Traditional passwords alone don't cut it anymore.

    Learn more about types of password protection systems of the present and the future. 


  • Image of rotunda with text, "Click here to see all current cyber attacks circulating at UVA."

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