Are You Rebooting Your Computer Enough? Restart Your Computer for Improved Security, Performance, & Stability

Restarting your computer is a simple yet crucial task that is often overlooked. However, making it a regular practice can result in noticeable improvements to your system’s security, performance, and stability. Aiming to restart your computer at least once a week is a good habit to get into and can significantly benefit your overall computer experience.


Helps Keep Systems Up To Date

A key benefit of regularly restarting your computer is that it can help keep your system up to date. Many updates and patches, whether for your operating system or for individual applications, require a restart of the computer to take effect. By delaying restarts, you could be leaving your computer open to potential security threats. Making it a practice to accept updates when prompted and adopting a restart as part of your weekly procedures can enhance your computer's protection against these threats.


Improves Performance

As you open and close applications, edit documents, browse the web, and perform other tasks, computers can accumulate temporary files or processes that slow down your system. These files, while necessary for your activities, can use up precious memory and processing power, leading to slower performance.

Rebooting your computer clears out these temporary files and frees up memory. This can result in a noticeably faster and smoother computer experience. Additionally, it can help prevent frustrating issues like application crashes and system freezes, which can occur when your computer’s memory is overloaded.


Flushes Out Malicious Programs

Rebooting your computer can also play a helpful role in combatting malicious software. Malware and viruses can perform harmful activities without your knowledge, affecting your system’s performance and endangering your data. They often infiltrate your system and continue their activities in the background, going unnoticed until damage is done.

By rebooting, you effectively shut down all programs and processes, including any potential malicious ones. This can not only halt the activities of such software but also make it easier for your antivirus software to detect and remove them, improving your computer’s security and helping to protect your valuable data.


Make it a practice to begin or end your work week with a reboot of your computer. A few minutes can make a substantial difference. Use that time to take a brisk walk, stand up and stretch, or do a breathing exercise. Make it good for your health as well as your computer’s.


Elizabeth Cox
March 2024