External Physical Network Connections Procedures

Replaced by Connecting Network Equipment Procedures

Table of Contents

1.  Purpose and Background
2.  Procedures
     a) ITS-Managed Wired and Wireless Network
     b) HIT-Managed Wired and Wireless Networks
     c) UVA-Wise Wired and Wireless Networks
3.  Definitions
4.  Related Links
5.  Exceptions

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1. Purpose and Background

In order to assure the highest level of service to the users of the University’s networks, it is critical to preserve their manageability, robustness, and security. Unauthorized networking connections can disrupt normal network operations through interference or misconfiguration and can provide unauthorized access to the University network.

In order to maintain the integrity and availability of the University’s information technology resources, only Information Technology Services (ITS), Health Information and Technology (HIT), or their authorized designees may provide for external physical connections to the University’s network (e.g., connections to an external Internet service provider) as stated in the IRM-002 Acceptable Use of the University’s Information Technology Resources.

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2. Procedures

ITS-Managed Wired and Wireless Networks

Departments wishing to request installation of an external physical connection to the University’s network or designation to install such a connection must fill out a request in the ITS Service Catalog under “Connecting: Consultation Services.” The request must explain the nature of the external connection, the benefit(s) expected from the connection, and the names, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers of administrative and technical contacts.

HIT-Managed Wired and Wireless Networks

The procedures governing the acquisition of IT-enabled resources are descrited by Health System Policy IT-001. 

UVA College at Wise Wired and Wireless Networks

To request approval for external physical connections to the network, fill out the Office of Information Technology Helpdesk request form or call 276-376-4509 or email [email protected].

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3. Definitions

See the list of definitions for the Acceptable Use, Data Protection, Information Security, and Privacy & Confidentiality policies.

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4. Related Links

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5. Exceptions

If you think you need to request an exception to these requirements, please refer to the Exceptions Process.

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