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Legitimate educational interest

Legitimate educational interest, as referenced in UVA policy: STU-002: Rights of Students at the University of Virginia Pursuant to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), refers to the need of school officials, including those performing the functions described below, to access specific Education Records in the course of performing their duties for UVA.School officials are those individuals who engage in the instructional, supervisory, advisory, administrative, governance, public safety, research, and support functions of UVA. They need not necessarily be paid employees of UVA. School officials include but are not limited to:

  • Those UVA students who, pursuant to their duties as officers in officially recognized honor societies, periodicals, and other activities that recognize or encourage superior academic achievement, require personally identifiable information (e.g., grades) from students' education records to determine the satisfaction of specified eligibility requirements;
  • Those UVA students who, pursuant to their duties as members of official UVA committees (e.g., scholarship committees), require personally identifiable information from Education Records;
  • Those UVA students who, pursuant to the authority granted by the Board of Visitors under the terms of the Honor System and the University Judiciary System, require personally identifiable information from Education Records to investigate, adjudicate, or advise students involved in an alleged violation of the Honor Code or the Standards of Conduct;
  • Those persons, companies, or agencies under UVA’s direct control, with whom UVA has contracted to provide services that UVA itself would provide otherwise.

Logging requirement

Logging requirement: All access to Highly Sensitive Data (HSD) must be logged.  Logging of access to other UVA data types is recommended.