Phishing Simulation for Faculty/Staff - November 2023

You have just fallen for a phishing scam...

Good news! This time it's NOT real. If it were real, you would have just given your login and password to a criminal.

This email was not sent out to embarrass you for falling for it, but to educate you.  We would rather this happen now and you come to the good guy's site, vs the bad guys.  Did something seem suspicious when you read the email?  If you ever have that something isn't right feeling, do not hesitate to report suspicious emails to [email protected].  We can verify if the site is legitimate or not for you.  This step keeps you and the University's data safe.

Take a look at the graphic below for insights into how you could have recognized this as a phishing attempt.

This image shows how you can the simulated phishing email is fake. The domain is not a valid email domain. UVA emails should have email domains.  In the web address the domain is which is also not a UVA domain.  Most domains will be with the exception of some applications such as and Always verify that you are on the real UVA NetBadge page by checking that the URL ends with


For additional tips on identifying phishing, please visit our phishing webpage.

Additionally, if you'd like to request training, please email [email protected].