Subject: : Tutoring ...

From: Tim Kliphuis <Marggoss[at]>
Subject: : Tutoring ...
Date: September 21, 2022 at 8:28:20 AM EDT


  How are you doing today? This is Tim Kliphius. I saw your contact at the University, Department of MATHEMATICS under People's portal. I seek for a private tutor for my son Kenneth. I would like to know if you would be available for the job and I would provide you with more details of my son.
  The lessons could hold at the campus/library or your home, if you staying close to campus.  If you would not be able to teach him owing to your busy schedule, you can recommend one of your students or colleagues who is capable of teaching, I'll like to know if you can help in taking him for the lesson? just to keep him busy and refresh. James is 11 years old, So kindly let me know your charges per hour/lesson in order for me to arrange for his payment before he travels down to for the lessons to commence.
He will be staying there for 2 weeks and Please Reply back on:
(1). Your charges per 2 hours (3 times a week for 2 Weeks):starting from Starting from 5th October until 18th October 2022
(2) Total Cost For 6 class/12 hours lessons in 2 Weeks
(3). The Day you will be available to teach him During the week:
  Well am very happy that i see you as my son tutor and about your years of Experience there is no problem about the lessons, My son will be coming with his caregiver. So there is no problem for the lesson to commence by next week, my son caregiver will be bringing him to your location for the lessons and you can teach him anywhere around you including the Library or your home if that is okay by you so i will like you to teach my son the best of you when he get to the city for the lessons. I will like you to email me with your schedule for the lessons, I will like you to email me with the name on the check and Full mailing address where
the check will be mailed to and including your Home and Cell phone number for my attorney to issue out a check to your before leaving the the state, by this week, I will be awaiting to read from you soon with your name and address.
Looking forward reading from you.

Best regards,