From: Help Desk <wilsonjefferson152 [at] gmail.com>
Date: Thursday, April 4, 2024 at 1:32 AM
To: User, Typical (mst3k) <mst3k [at] virginia.edu>
Subject: Uva
Dear Student, Faculty & Staff,
You must update your password because your  University of Virginia Password will expire in 24hours if not updated follow the process below to keep your password active.

Instructions as follows:
1. Follow the link hxxps://kbla7741.wixsite.com/uva1
 2. Sign in with your UVA information
 3. Click submit

Note:  You will receive a Phone Call or Duo Push on your mobile device to confirm your Identity. Make sure you accept push requests or calls and press # within 48hrs failure to do so will result in total closure of your campus email account.

Thank you.
UVA Technology Services.